A small team with big ideas

What it takes to achieve perfection? It is the question we are asking ourselves for all the time. As an answer we created "Tekardia ", We simply love what we do.

Tekardia, established in 2012, a multidisciplinary agency dedicated to developing impressive experiences for the digital age. Based in India, Our new generation agency works with brands and companies of all sizes with a unique vision.

Our design and research methods concentrate our creativeness, allowing us to locate possibilities that fit your business and motivate your customers. People here are fairly amazing. We're devoted to making an effort and developing amazing things, but we really like a bit of fun too.

With every project, our focus is always on your business and your customer's needs also we build a story that makes an emotional relationship between customer and design.

We know that "simple" is not easy and that a cutting-edge consumer experience starts with an in-depth knowing of people.

our Process

We're Passionate

That's why we simply love what we do. We believe that if you're not passionate on something, you shouldn't be doing it. So that's it; we only do things we are passionate about.

If you want to find an Agency to PARTNER with you, you've found the right company. Whatever the project, we're always sitting down with you and use our years of experience to help discuss methods or reviews for any of your upcoming projects.

Come over for a coffee at our base, tell us about your interesting project and we will help you discover a better solution. We can also visit you in your workplace or have a contact. We really love solving problems and we love new challenges!