Google Apps for Work

Tekardia is among the top Google Apps Reseller in Coimbatore, India. From Consultation, Deployment to Change Management, We offer comprehensive services for Google Apps.

Why Google Apps?

Google Apps is a collection of Google applications focused on productivity, collaboration and communication at reduced costs. These customizable applications are completely cloud-based under a unique domain name. Users can connect remotely and share information quickly in the cloud, thus increasing your organization's productivity.

The Cloud

The primary benefit of Google Apps are these cloud-based solutions can be accessed from anywhere on any computer or mobile device with an Internet connection. Users can reply to an email, add an event to their Calendar, and create and edit documents at their own convenience.

Cost Efficient

These applications are hosted on Google's own servers, meaning you no longer have to maintain your mail servers onsite, therefore dissolving your technology infrastructure costs completely.

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Build customer trust with professional email addresses. Easy to use and familiar. Create mailing lists as your company needs, like


A social network designed for business, Google+ makes it faster and easier to share, Collaborate with your customers and team members anywhere at anytime.

Google Drive

Store, sync and share files with ease. Keep all your work in one secure place with online file storage. Access your work with any divice whenever you need.

Google Hangouts

Meet face to face with coworkers and customers. You can save money and time on travel, Connect with the people via HD video, voice or text.

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More to love about Google Apps

Google Drive

Every Google Apps account comes with 30Gb of storage to share between Google's handy cloud file storage - otherwise known as Google Drive - and Gmail. That means fewer IT support calls and less for employees to manage, too.

Google Drive is included with Google Apps, however if you're also interested in even more storage, plus eDiscovery and retention of emails, chats and other important company data... then click the button to learn more about Google Drive for Work, which is Google Apps plus a lot more.

When you buy Google Apps through Tekardia, you also get,

Comprehensive Migrations

Migrate data between Google Apps domains or from other email platforms. We're available to provide help.

Easy Backup Options

You need to protect against user error, hackers, malicious actions and access from lost or stolen devices.

On Site Training

Tekardia offers private customized onsite Google Apps training for private groups, Corporates and individuals.

Training & support

Anything related to Google Apps, get support from our Google Apps specialists when you need it most.