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We build websites that work across devices. We focus on developing sites that are high quality, easy to use and that fulfill your business goals.

A website is not just online catalog, but it's capable of doing as part of your marketing, product sales. We aware of that your web page is often the opportunity through which many of your potential client's first interaction with your company. Successful website builds trust, confidence in your brands and enables you to separate from your competitors.

Professional Web Design

Professional Web Design

A business website has to look great, deliver your message expertly and communicate well. This is the kind of business website design that we offer.

We have been crafting industry-leading websites for the years and have the skillsets to design and build a website that is unique to your business. A visibly eye-catching website not only helps to engage an audience but also shows your services and products in a way that generates enquiries and sales.

Our professional Web Designers follow a simple, primary guide for guaranteeing your business or company has the best opportunity to advertise online itself. So that you get a website designed to your Ideas, accessible, user-friendly, optimized and cost effective.

All our websites are designed and built with the most innovative and latest front-end technology like HTML5, CSS3 and Jquery. If you are looking for website design to take your business forward online then contact us today and let us guide you on what can be done.

Single Page Website Design

Single Page Website Design
Tell your brand story with a beautiful result driven single page website. It's seamless, intuitive and cost effective.

An important reason for the single page website is the love and preference of the users for simplicity while browsing the website. It is easy for the visitors to scroll down the website to have a look of the required information than reading through multiple pages for the same.

The main goal of single page website is to provide good user experience for the readers. These websites are mostly used for Portfolio, Products, Startups, Events and Announcements. These type of single page website are really great for mobile viewers as well.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design

Today, websites are being consumed on any range of devices, not just the traditional desktop computer of yesterday.

With the rapidly growing mobile and tablet usage it is important that your website design adapts to what device it is being viewed on. A website that is not optimized for mobile usage and performance stands the potential to leave an enormous amount of opportunity and business.

So that we provide responsive website design services, by designing custom layouts at various resolutions and breakpoints to help maximize the user experience and in turn conversions for traffic within multi devices.

This means you aren't constantly scrambling to hold every new smart phone, and it eliminates the need to update multiple websites designed at different types of devices. Today almost every company wants a mobile version of their websites to engage their visitors and customers.

Call us today whether you need a new responsive website or have an idea to redesign your old website with the trending technologies that built for any device. We're here to help you.

Flash Animated Websites

Flash Animated Websites

Give your website an exciting look and draw attention with the great animations.

Compared to the heavy product descriptions that you have written on your website, you can take the help of flash to showcase your products. The customers might skip the words but they will definitely notice the creative effort made you to display your products.

Our Flash website design service include ideation, graphics and development. We can offer you cost effective flash website design & development service that have great values. Our flash sites will certainly excite your users and give them the perfect impression of your brand.

Tekardia offers flash rich Internet applications that integrate with various multimedia content & data, thus we are able to convey your products & services to exciting clients along with a great website for your business.

Website Redesign

Website Redesign

Do you think your website is looking outdated? We're here to refresh your website in a quick time to improve your web presence.

We all know how fast technology evolves. So that after understanding what design and technical changes can at best add value to your audience, we execute that in redesigning your website. We offer professional website redesign services that help your website achieve maximum exposure.

If you are completely changing your whole website it is important to remember that your visitors need a design and message that conveys you or your company well. You can be assured that your site's fresh look will generate more leads than your current website.

So that we make sure important information is easily accessible. If your website is hard to navigate, not eye-catching or interesting is harder to make a leads from online. Call us today to make a quick review of your old website and get the industry lead website redesign services in a quick downtime.

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